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Metrocorp in brief

  Metrocorp Limited is a UK registered company,  operating mainly overseas and providing a full service to suppliers in a complete range of  equipments, parts, accessories and services to oil gas and petrochemical companies. The company provides professional and dedicated services to the oil and gas industries in the Middle East and South East Asia.

  Metrocorp serves its clients whose business needs and requirements are wide ranging. In a dynamically evolving energy marketplace, our innovative management and regional experience gives us a competitive advantage which enables us to deliver superior results to our most demanding clients.

  Metrocorp provides a full range of professional procurement and support services that ensure reliability from receipt of your enquiry through shipment of your orders. We source you equipment requirements competitively through our international network of manufacturers and our supplier  alliances. We source the equipment, place the orders and expedite to ensure that deliveries are made on schedule.

Metrocorp is a fast growing and well-resourced company, striving for excellence and customer satisfaction. The growth of the company can be attributed to its management policy of directly serving the end-users by offering exceptional services.

Metrocorp's goal is to anticipate customer needs, devise effective ways of delivering cost-effective and quality products, services, and solutions, and thus become the channel of choice by adding value and efficiency.

Metrocorp will strive to remain a highly respected and resourceful supplier in the Middle Eastern oil and gas and petrochemical industries.

Metrocorp's core business is supplying to companies  with a view to meet their critical project needs of diverse requirements in Oilfield, Gas field, Offshore, Onshore, Marine and related Projects.

Our Mission

  Metrocorp is engaged in:

  Supplying products, Equipment and Parts to regional Oil and Gas Companies and Petrochemical companies.
  Serving Refineries, Industrial and Marine Companies and Oil Producers.

  Providing strategic and technical advice with the support of its associates and principals on international new ventures and project management.

Representing manufacturers, and service companies to projects involving engineering, equipment supply and logistics.

Metrocorp is associated with large and reputed manufacturers and suppliers mainly from Europe, the Middle East  and South East Asia.

We supply Oilfield & Gas field Equipment, Pipes and Tubular products from a select group of API and ISO approved Mills and Manufacturers including Valve and Pump products.

We supply the majority of equipment and parts directly from manufacturers according to the project requirements. Our ranges of product are for all phases of exploration, development, production, transportation, gas oil separation and refining, distribution etc.

In keeping pace with the industrial development of the Middle Eastern region, Metrocorp continues to diversify its operations through the introduction of new products, services and technology.

Metrocorp is associated with renowned international companies and manufacturers certified to API and ISO standards that provide world-class equipments, technologies and services. Metrocorpís partners are strategically located in Europe, UAE, Japan, Korea, China, Malaysia and Singapore.

Metrocorp maintains relationships with many reputable manufacturers offering quality products which comply with API, ANSI, AMS, DIN, ASTM and ASME standards. These manufacturers are highly rated in their respective fields because of their overall performance on delivery, quality, service and competitive price


Your Satisfaction

  Metrocorp's technical team works with clients on their specific project requirements and equipment specifications.

  Our staff have extensive experience in handling and execution of all aspects of supplies and services within the oil and gas industry.

  This guarantees the customer with high quality, low cost, prompt and professional procurement services

  Metrocorp supplies its end-users with high quality, uniform and reliable products ensuring their long-term viability and satisfaction.

  Metrocorp's clients include major international, regional and national Oil and Gas Companies in the Middle East and Africa. They also include Exploration and Drilling companies, Refineries, Petrochemical Plants, suppliers, stockists and EPC contractors.

With complete dedication to the Oil and Gas industry, the company provides every conceivable type of supply, service and expertise to its clients, who have very particular, specialized and highly diversified sourcing needs.  Our clients appreciate our ability to deal with all their complete and complex requirements. Metrocorpís offering of superior customer service is reciprocated by repeat orders from its reputable clients.


We, at Metrocorp, meet stringent customer specifications and strictly honor delivery schedules.


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